Adobe Real-Time CDP personalizes the digital economy for today’s global brands

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AT Adobe Summit – The Digital Experience Conference, Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) announced new customers and innovations in Adobe Real-Time Customer Data Platform (CDP). Adobe Real-Time CDP is now the choice of industry-leading brands across all major industries, including retail, healthcare, financial services, technology, media and entertainment. With innovations unveiled at Adobe Summit 2022, Adobe Real-Time CDP is even more powerful, with an array of features that enable businesses to maximize the value of their customer data. Some of the latest brands to choose Adobe include Major League Baseball™, The Coca-Cola Company, Coles, General Motors, Dick’s Sporting Goods, EY, Panera Bread, T.Rowe Price, ServiceNow, TSB Bank, Real Madrid, and Suncorp.

“To meet changing consumer expectations in the digital economy, brands must evolve their data strategy and personalization efforts,” said Amit Ahuja, senior vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud Platform and Products at Adobe. “The fact that so many of the world’s leading brands choose Adobe Real-Time CDP shows that real-time customer data and tight integrations into Adobe Experience Cloud are essential to creating powerful and personal digital experiences.

Adobe Real-Time CDP allows brands to view and manage customer profiles, update them in real time and activate customer information via Adobe Experience Cloud apps throughout the customer journey.

“Adobe Real-Time CDP is an industry-leading customer data platform that enables brands to create actionable unified profiles to create tailored customer journeys that build customer loyalty and trust,” said Mila D. ‘Antonio, Senior Business Platforms and Applications Analyst at Omdia. “The widespread adoption of real-time CDP across many industries is enabling brands to deliver proactive and relevant experiences to millions of customers in real time.”

New real-time CDP features power next-gen customer experiences

With Real-Time CDP, Adobe continues to transform the way brands interact with their audiences by unlocking new capabilities including data collection, enrichment, and distribution at cutting-edge scale. Adobe delivers real-time data with over 24 trillion audience segment ratings and more than a petabyte of data processed on average per day. New features include:

  • Instant personalization with Adobe Target: Adobe Target makes it possible to activate customer information at record speed. Adobe Real-Time CDP integration with Adobe target enables brands to leverage comprehensive customer profiles comprised of online and offline data for enhanced experiences. Digital customer engagement data is collected and linked to a customer profile which is then qualified for an audience segment and delivered as personalized content, all within milliseconds. This makes it possible to analyze customer information and transform it into personalized experiences on websites and mobile applications in the blink of an eye.
  • Implementing Consent and Marketing Preferences: To deliver personalized customer experiences that build trust, brands need to securely collect, activate, and store customer information and consent data. With OneTrust’s consent management platform integrated with Adobe Experience Platform, brands can create unified profiles that include consent and preference data. Direct integration with OneTrust allows brands to ingest consent data directly into the CDP in real-time, making it easier to enforce consumer consent and preferences and glean key insights from consumer preferences for deliver enhanced, privacy-conscious experiences.
  • Real-time CDP connections: Brands can now streamline data collection, enrichment, and distribution with fast, low-code implementation to accelerate ROI for real-time personalization based on behavioral events. Real-time CDP connections deliver real-time performance with Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network’s geographically distributed servers. This enables rapid distribution of data with high fidelity while allowing brands to send data from Adobe’s servers to Adobe and non-Adobe destinations.
  • B2B monitoring: With Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI engine, brands can scale up their marketing efforts and deliver personalized experiences at scale. Adobe Real-Time CDP B2B Edition provides businesses with predictive intelligence around a user’s purchase intent. A new integration with Adobe Marketo Measure provides business-to-business (B2B) businesses with unparalleled pipeline and revenue attribution.
  • Build rich customer profiles with key Adobe Commerce data: To help brands further personalize shopping experiences, Adobe Commerce connects business data, such as shopper browsing or purchase history, to real-time CDP and other Adobe Experience Cloud applications. This enables brands to analyze customer behavior, build rich customer profiles, and deliver personalized shopping journeys that drive sales, retention, and loyalty. The capacity should be available in the second half of the year.

Customer momentum

Leading brands in various industries are using real-time CDP to personalize experiences at scale:

  • Schools: Australian supermarket and retail chain Coles is partnering with Adobe to redefine the supermarket shopping experience. Coles’ vision is to be Australia’s most trusted retailer. By implementing real-time CDP, Coles will be able to unify customer data into a single view to deliver personalized experiences for shoppers that comply with data privacy regulations and deepen the brand’s relationship with customers. .
  • General Engines: Major automaker General Motors (GM) is transforming the future of personal mobility by committing $27 billion to the development of electric vehicles. Over the lifetime of vehicle ownership, consumers expect high contact and personalized experiences for a product in which many are investing for the first time. GM is activating its digital channels to support this and leveraging real-time CDP to bring together customer data across multiple touchpoints to personalize the online experience.
  • Major League Baseball™: Major League Baseball (MLB) is reinventing the fan experience with Adobe. Real-Time CDP’s unified customer profile will allow MLB™ to deliver a tailored fan experience. Fan-tailored features may include personalized promotions or notifications tailored to individual fans.
  • real Madrid: Spanish sports giant Real Madrid CF will take a modern and innovative approach to fan engagement with Adobe Experience Cloud at the heart of its transformation. Fan information will be collected in Adobe Real-Time CDP and then activated across various digital channels to provide fans with the highly personalized content needed to connect, excite and drive deeper engagement.
  • TSB Bank: TSB Bank, one of the UK’s leading retail and commercial banks, uses real-time CDP to meet growing customer expectations digital-first customers. With Real-Time CDP, TSB Bank has a unique view of each client that is updated in real time. The profiles are then used to determine the best communications to send to each customer at the right time in their journey, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

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