Crespo assures that greenhouse cultivation is the “greatest ally” of the circular economy law

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Junta de Andalucía, Carmen Crespo, said that the greenhouses used to produce fruit and vegetables were great allies of Andalusian law on the circular economy, as they were major C02 sinks.

During the closing ceremony of the handover of a cookbook, the Andalusian head of sustainable development stressed the importance of generating opportunities for growth and gave other examples of circular economies, such as the recycling of wintering farms.

Crespo appreciated the economic importance and job creation of the agro-food industry, which accounts for 12% of Andalusia’s GDP and more than 20% of Almeria’s GDP. She also stressed that Almeria’s products were socially, professionally and ecologically sustainable and that they contributed to the health of the rest of the world.

She also declared that the Mediterranean diet is an intangible cultural heritage of humanity and highlighted the excellent quality of the productions grown in the countryside of Almeria.

In addition, Crespo said that it will continue to support the sector and that last month more than 200 million euros were allocated to the OPFH of Almeria, as well as to the modernization of infrastructures and the integration of young people in the agricultural sector.

The Minister of Agriculture also highlighted the work of the chefs, true ambassadors of fruits and vegetables in the region. The fact that they work with horticultural products from the land implies that they are carving out a place for themselves in their fields of work, she said.

Crespo also said European imports from third countries should comply with the same environmental requirements that European productions must meet. It’s just the logical thing to do if we want to have fair competition, she said.

The Andalusian head of agriculture said she believes the fruit and vegetable sector has a bright future and that the Andalusian government will do everything in its power to help it get there.


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