Driscoll’s continues to scale the plastics circular economy

Driscoll’s is constantly focused on increasing packaging circularity and diverting agricultural plastics to landfill. It is the first berry company to make public commitments and to inject serious funds into innovation, with the intention of creating economies of scale.

Driscoll’s berries are the culmination of a century of experience growing, harvesting and delivering the freshest, most nutritious berries to market. And plastics are a key ingredient to Driscoll’s success, from improving berry production to increasing shelf life.

The company has thought creatively about reducing the negative impacts of plastic on its supply chain. It has joined the Sustainable Packaging Coalition and taken the joint Berry Sustainable Pledge, and has worked to improve the circularity of its clamshell packaging. Driscoll’s is committed to 100% ready-to-recycle packaging by 2025.

Driscoll’s switched to vented plastic clamshell packaging in the 1990s. Driscoll’s clamshell packaging already contains 50% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET), mostly from recycled plastic bottles – and the company aims to replace it with 25% post-consumer resin (PCR), from used plastic shells, in its packaging by 2025.

Source: Sustainablebrands.com

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