“For us, ecology and economy go hand in hand”

Conveying emotions and information at the point of sale and giving the buyer a certain orientation at the same time: this has been the goal of the Linz-based company Pack’nlog for six years now. Presentation displays and innovative, targeted and mainly modular store concepts are designed to help the respective retailer reduce costs and increase the flow of goods and thus sales at the same time. Managing director and company founder Franz Leisch explains the most successful concepts and their added value in an interview.

Marketing manager Amra Avdic during Fruit Logistica 2022.

Since the company was founded in 2010, the Pack ‘nlog team has visited many grocery stores and found that spoilage and therefore failure rates are relatively high, especially for sensitive fruits and vegetables, such as stone fruits and tomatoes, explains Leisch. “It’s true that we can put pads in the packaging so that the shelves look full and avoid the accumulation of too many products as much as possible,” he says. However, putting the packs in and out involves a lot of extra work, and the quality of the merchandise is affected by the rearrangement, which has a negative impact on sales. »

The Eye-Catcher is already used on the board in Austrian Spar stores. Rewe subsidiary Billa has also decided to introduce the concept.

The need for a sensible and future-oriented solution led to the creation of the “Eye-Catcher” concept, which was introduced to the market about eight years ago. These are basically flexible inserts for packaging as well as shelf frames for lifting and leveling goods. “The concept is compatible with the Ifco system: after numerous tests, we were able to establish that the Eye-Catcher would reduce the rate of deterioration by 30%. Moreover, at the end of the day, there is no extra effort in cleaning Finally, this concept also contributes to sustainability by proactively avoiding food waste”, says Leisch. This also corresponds to the basic idea of ​​all Pack’nlog concepts. “Because ecology and the economy go hand in hand for us.”

The modular goods island meets the spirit of the times
A few years ago, the Pack’nlog product range was enriched with a modular presentation island. Leisch: “On the one hand, there are robust displays made of high-quality materials, such as metal. On the other hand, disposable systems, for example for promotional items and seasonal products, are now commonplace in the market. However, a hybrid form that was both robust and inexpensive and easy to set up and take down was not available until recently,” he says.

The goods island consists of a roll-up base frame, a cardboard or plastic ring, a flat top frame and the top shelf structure (multi-level shelves, individual boxes, products bulk or trays).

The modern display island should not only meet the above requirements of the retailer. According to Leisch, it also has an interesting advertising function. “The ring can be printed as desired, which is optimal for conveying brands, advertising messages or product ranges. After all, we do not see ourselves as a classic store builder, but as a developer of store concepts. holistic promotion and presentation.”

Pack’nlog is authorized to use the logo of the Austrian Ministry of Life for sustainable food consumption.

Emotions, information and orientation
Finally, the dedicated professional recalls the three fundamental pillars of his company. “The key to a successful presentation of the products lies in the communication of emotions and information, for example, with the reference to healthy products, the authenticity of the faces of the producers or the reference to the regional origin of the products “Furthermore, we also want to provide shoppers with direction so they can actually find what they’re looking for in the store. The success so far proves us right and shows we’re on the right track.”

Images: Pack’nlog Ltd.

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