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As a result, nearly one in ten would leave a child of any age alone if they had the free chance to “turn left” and sit in luxury with a glass of champagne.

The same percentage would wait until their child is over five years old before doing so, nine per cent consider 10 years to be an appropriate age, while 12 per cent would wait until their child is 15.

Overall, the average age at which it is acceptable for a child to sit alone on a flight has been estimated to be 13.5 years old.

A spokesperson for a private Covid testing company Medical Center, who conducted the research, said: “Family vacations are fantastic, but there is no doubt that time spent at the airport and on the plane can be some of the most intimidating for parents.

“We love to take our kids on vacation with us, but if the opportunity arose many of us would love to have some free time and a little luxury at 30,000 feet.”

Research found that 76% of parents had flown with their children.

General bad behavior was at the top of the list of parents’ biggest concerns, followed by motion sickness and fear of flying.

A third of parents said their children had tantrums at the airport while waiting for their flight – while 36% admitted that they felt embarrassed by their children’s behavior while on vacation .

And there is sympathy for those who don’t travel with children – with 55% of parents believing that certain parts of a plane should be reserved for families with children so that other people don’t have to worry. sit with them.

With the recently eased travel restrictions, one in five respondents said they plan to go on vacation abroad for half of the quarter this month.

And after President Joe Biden allowed the British to visit again, the United States was the destination of choice for families alongside Spain.

Almost two-thirds (62%) admitted that they were nervous about taking their child on their first vacation.

But despite this, 83% said the holidays are where families make their best memories, according to OnePoll data.

The Medicspot spokesperson added: “As travel restrictions continue to be relaxed and the world opens up again, it is good to see families planning to go abroad and create new memories. “

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