France crushes Germany’s greatest hope

The German coffers are completely emptied. As the war in Ukraine drags on, energy prices have skyrocketed due to Russian supply constraints, making it increasingly difficult for people to manage their daily lives.

The situation in Berlin is heartbreaking indeed. Now, to get the economy back on track, the German Chancellor has tried to whip a dead horse with a bit of breath.

However, the EU’s Blue Eyed Boy, Emmanuel Macron, seems in no mood to comply with his diktat, so Olaf’s desperate attempt to save his crumbling economy has once again failed.

According Spanish media reports, France has reportedly rejected a request from Germany and Spain to restart the Midi-Catalonia gas pipeline, also known as the MidCat project. According to reports, the French ministry headed by Agnès Pannier-Runacher in an e-mailed statement stressed: “Such a project would, in any case, require many years [for it] become operational”,

Source – DW

Madrid and Berlin are working hard to restore the Midcat project. But Paris does not seem convinced by the project. For those unaware, the MidCat project (first presented in 2015) was relaunched in May 2022 after fears that a looming energy crisis could erupt following gas supply cuts in originating from Russia.

The MidCat project aims to build a gas transit network linking Germany and Spain that will pass through France and has a capacity to move more than 7.5 billion cubic meters of gas.

As Russian energy supplies hit a roadblock, Germany made the decision to head straight for Spain in a bid to revive the Midcat project and reduce its dependence on Russia. However, France would believe that such a project would be more disastrous for the already struggling European economies.

France’s concerns

Paris points out that the Berlin plan is impractical and stupid. The French ministry regrets that it takes many years to complete only the planning and other documents related to such a project. Moreover, the MidCat project is unlikely to help deal with the current energy crisis in the EU or potential shortages this winter.

In addition, the French ministry stresses that the construction of such a gas pipeline could also interfere with climate objectives, adding that “to meet both the current energy challenge and the climate challenge, we will have to reduce our gas consumption and accelerate the development of carbon-free energy”. [sources].”

Germany’s Growing Concern

Amid rising Russian-Ukrainian tensions, the project was revived in 2022 by Germany. Just a week ago, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz proclaimed that a gas pipeline through Portugal, Spain and France to central Europe is “conspicuously missing” and if it existed, it could bring “an massive contribution” to alleviating the energy supply crisis.

Germany stressed that it was actively “in talks” with French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on the project. But now the chances of his revival look bleak.

Germany believes that by establishing the Midcat as soon as possible, it could bail out its flagging economy and restore its glory days as an economic powerhouse. But, France continues to remain a major thorn in his ambitions.

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Is France worried about the future?

Now that Paris is still an obstacle to Germany’s ambition. Spain has warned that France’s fear over Midcat is largely driven by fear of future energy exports. Spain says the Midcat gas pipeline would be used to transport hydrogen – which is seen as one of the renewable energy sources in the future.

The idea suggested by Spanish officials suggests that Paris fears competition for its hydrogen energy exports.

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As pipelines cross France, Germany has asked for its help in an attempt to revitalize its economy. But instead of helping, Paris moved forward and caused the downfall of the German economy.

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