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TV channel Sophie Corcoran has called on the UK government to take advantage of Brexit and scrap VAT to help Britons who have been hit by the soaring cost of living. Ms Corcoran warned that people should not become too dependent on government financial support and pushed internally for a tax cut to help tackle the problems of soaring household bills.

Ms Corcoran told GMB: “I think everyone has to recognize that government will always have responsibility for people’s lives.

“However, you cannot rely on the government alone to solve your problems.”

She added: “I don’t necessarily think windfall tax is probably the best way to reduce VAT.

“That’s why we left the European Union and we should take advantage of it.”

It comes as polls have shown more than half of people in the UK say they have worse health due to the rising cost of living, with doctors reporting that some patients cannot afford to s take care of themselves.

A YouGov poll of 2,001 people commissioned by the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) found that 55% felt their health had deteriorated due to issues including high heating costs and soaring food bills.

A doctor or other healthcare professional told one in four people it did, with stress being seen as a factor in poor health.

Of all those who said their health had deteriorated, 84% said it was due to rising heating costs, 78% cited rising food costs and almost half (46 %) said transportation costs had an impact.

“500,000 children will be pushed into absolute poverty over the next year…and rather than protect individuals and families at the time of this cost of living crisis, ministers are walking into a tsunami.”

He said Labor is proposing that a windfall tax be imposed on oil and gas companies to “use windfall tax proceeds to help bill payers paying huge energy bills …to cut those energy bills by £600”.

He added: ‘We are aiming to raise around £2billion through our windfall tax.

Meanwhile, Britain’s unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level in more than 47 years, but workers have seen their wages fall further behind soaring inflation, according to ofofficial figures.

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