Italy promotes Nutrinform battery system in Spain – Economy

ROME – Italy has also started promoting the Nutrinform food label, an alternative to Nutriscore, in Spain.

The latter was developed in France but criticized in Rome.

On Wednesday morning, a conference was held in Madrid to present the Nutrinform Battery system – approved by the Italian government – to a specialized Spanish audience.

The event, promoted by the Italian Embassy in the Spanish country and by Federalimentare, included the participation of experts such as food critic Alberto Luchini, who acted as moderator, Professor Luca Piretta of the Università Campus Bio-medico in Rome, researcher Daniela Martini from the University of Milan and nutritionist Rafael Moreno Rojas from the University of Cordoba.

Nutrinform was presented as a “reliable, objective and non-discriminatory labeling system” capable of “preserving the health of consumers as well as the typical products of the Mediterranean diet, promoting at the same time healthy eating habits”.

“The Italian proposal was based on the centrality of the consumer and their rights as well as on education for responsible and conscious consumption,” said Italian Ambassador to Spain Riccardo Guariglia in his closing speech.

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