Madeira has launched a circular economy platform

Madeira has launched a circular economy platform

New digital tool aims to build community, educate and inspire with examples

Recently, the Environment Secretariat of the Government of Madeira launched “Circular Madeira” Agenda and digital platform. These are two new mechanisms available to the Region in the context of creating a more efficient economy in its use of resources, with a reduced impact on the environment and human health, and promoting sustainable, resilient and sustainable growth. inclusive.

The platform seeks to engage the private sector, civil society, households and schools

The result of a process that counted on the contribution of more than 60 regional entities, the Circular Agenda of Madeira aims to strengthen the role of the autonomous island region as a circular economy hotspot. This must be done by involving all civil society, public and private entities, in a system that seeks to extend the life and benefits of materials and to promote efficiency and sustainability, as factors of competitiveness and market differentiation.

Agenda seeks to maximize the best of what is already done. Yet it also lays the groundwork for new circular initiatives in priority sectors of the regional economy, such as agribusiness, construction, tourism and social institutions.

In order to promote the involvement of communities in the transition of the economy, the circular platform of Madeira ( Was launched.

On this web portal, it is possible to find the best practices that lead to the efficient use of resources throughout the value chain of companies and the reintroduction of these resources into the market. It is also an essential support tool for the entrepreneurial fabric, allowing entrepreneurs, regardless of their territory, to understand, simply and quickly, the impact of their business on the climate.

Likewise, the site warns of the need to “close the cycle” of products, not only in the business sector but also in everyday life, by educating consumers to adopt practices that begin even before buy a particular product.

Referring to some examples of circular economy, the regional secretary for the Environment, Susana Prada, who was present at the launch, recalled the investment made recently in the production of organic compost from the waste resulting from the cleaning of the gardens. She also mentioned the reuse of all waste water from Porto Santo for agricultural irrigation and for the golf course.

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