P850M allocated to pump the main economy of Cadiz


To deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the government of the city of Cádiz has allocated 850 million pesos to revive its local economy, re-elected mayor Salvador Escalante Jr revealed yesterday.

Escalante said the majority of the funds are for infrastructure projects, such as the concreting of roads between farms and markets that connect villages in the hinterland to the poblacion, a drainage system, and complemented by a agricultural modernization program.

For me, the answer to the problem of food security is the concreting of roads in the hinterland, the modernization of agricultural methods, providing them with agricultural equipment and technicians to improve their agricultural production, Escalante said.

Good roads in the hinterland will also boost the tourist industry in the city of Cadiz, which has many potential tourist destinations.

Through infrastructure projects, we can also provide jobs for Cadiznons, especially in this time of “tiempos muertos”, he added.

Despite the pandemic, the mayor of Cádiz noted a 4.6% increase in the Western Visayas’ gross domestic product, which he largely attributed to agricultural products.

He also listed ongoing infrastructure projects in the city of Cádiz, such as the development of the port and the construction of breakwater structures to protect its coastal areas from erosion and storm surges.*

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