Participants prepare for discussions on TikTok, web3 and the economy

Instead of heading to Cannes or just staying home, some lucky ones in the media industry are heading to VidCon.

What they say : We asked a few people why they were spending time in Anaheim this week and what they hoped to spark conversations.

Bessemer Venture Partners investor Alexandra Soukin:

  • Beginner. “We have not yet [many] direct relations with the creators of Bessemer. … I felt like the next step was to really go and immerse myself in the ecosystem of creators, the kinds of issues they face.”
  • ICT Tac. “I imagine Tiktok is going to be a topic of conversation for many different panels – how to build a brand on TikTok, how to take advantage of new features.”

Spotter CEO Aaron DeBevoise and COO Nic Paul:

  • Customer meetings. “We’re going to have something at the back of the house [where] we can engage with more of our partners and even potential partners. … We’re less about parties and just put our logo everywhere,” says Paul.
  • Economy. “There’s going to be a lot of talk about growth…but then there’s going to be this looming economic discussion where we’ve even seen managers send their clients, ‘Hey, be ready for a 30% drop in the ad market’” , DeBevoise said.

Label the media CEO Dave Dickman:

  • A solid range. “VidCon has always had very strong programming and content, with POVs from brands and creators.”
  • Web3. “It’s become such an area of ​​focus in the industry.”

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