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Russia has seen its economy collapse due to the series of sanctions Western countries and NATO allies have unleashed to cripple Moscow to withdraw from Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has received a series of hammer blows since the invasion, the latest of which was the sinking of the Russian flagship, Moskva, in the Black Sea. Former NATO commander Rear Admiral Chris Parry suggested the strategic temperature across Russia is warming as he warned Putin could soon ‘go wild’ on the West to save face on a national level.

Speaking to GB News, Mr Parry said: “The strategic temperature in Russia is getting quite hot.

“That’s what we’re seeing, and a lot of that faltering comes from the fact that the Russian leadership is under heavy pressure both internally and externally.

“They are facing a collapse of their economy, their army has proven to be not very good, their navy has been shown to have a little problem as well.

“They’re under a lot of pressure, so what you see is a lot of commotion, looking for things to intimidate NATO and the West, and also to put pressure on Ukraine by implying that the West will be intimidated not to support her.”


He cited the example of Japan in the run-up to US entry into World War II as an example Putin could follow to avenge his public image.

Mr Parry continued: “If you look at it from Putin’s point of view, it will be strictly rational.

As a historian, I would like to draw everyone’s attention to when Japan was very tight during World War II.

Due to their actions in China, the United States and all other democratic countries really put pressure on Japan, which led to an oil import ban, and in the end, Japan unleashed and attacked Pearl Harbor as well as the Dutch, British and French empires. in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Russia is still trying to grab territory in the south and east after pulling back from the north following a massive assault on Kyiv that was pushed back to the outskirts of the capital.

Ukraine said its troops were still holding out in the ruins of Mariupol, where defense is centered around Azovstal, another huge steelworks that has yet to yield.

Defense Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Motuzyanyk told a televised briefing: “The situation in Mariupol is difficult… There is fighting going on right now.

“The Russian army is constantly calling in additional units to storm the city.”

The Russian military launched longer-range attacks after the sinking of the Moskva, with the Kremlin saying its warplanes hit a tank repair factory in Kyiv.

An explosion was heard and smoke rose over the southeastern district of Darnytskyi.

The mayor said at least one person had been killed and medics were fighting to save others.

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