Sluggish US economy and events of June 30

Gas prices are posted on July 1 at the Speedway gas station at the corner of Castillo and Carrillo streets in Santa Barbara. A week later, the average price in Santa Barbara County was $6.17 a gallon, according to Friday figures from the American Automobile Association.

In Santa Barbara, “gloomy” was the operational description of the foggy morning of June 30 – and the word matched Biden’s economy in the United States. What would put an end to these “moroseities”?

What happened on June 30?

Before 6 a.m., a spokesperson, not senior enough to be with the Biden delegation in Madrid, said there had been a constructive meeting last week at the White House with some oil company executives. Was there another meeting other than the one which, according to the leaders, produced nothing? The one where President Biden was too busy meeting with the “windmill” group to even walk down the hall to greet them? The one where Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm ignored the list of suggestions sent by the American Petroleum Institute. Whoever informed the Secretary that many of the regulations enacted in 2021, which set the record for the most new regulations, were preventing oil production?

At the NATO summit in Madrid, President Biden said Americans would have to pay high gas prices as long as the Ukrainian war continues. (He blames everyone but himself for inflation.) Later, White House economic adviser Brain Dees said on CNN (where else?) that high pump prices are a price that Americans will have to pay for the future of the “liberal world order”. Did CNN ask him to define a “liberal world order?” Isn’t the president talking about the oil executives part of his plan to end fossil fuels?

In Madrid, President Biden declaring that the United States had lower inflation than any other country must have intrigued the Spaniards because in May their inflation of 8.3% was the same as that of the United States and lower than many. many others, such as Turkey at 70%; Argentina, 58%; the Netherlands, 9.6%; the UK, 9%, and Venezuela, 222% (which should make Biden’s country’s oil demand attractive).

President Biden read in his script that he “proposed” to cap the price countries would pay for Russian oil, which, of course, private companies would enforce. What happened to his proposal to ban Russian oil?

He “announced” that he would continue to release oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve without mentioning that President Trump filled it after the Obama-Biden years diminished it. He repeated that he would “call” on Congress to “temporarily end the gas tax at the pump.” (Has he forgotten that Congress refused?).

Does President Biden know that Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, is increasing our state gas tax? Is President Biden aware that “propose”, “announce” and “ask” are not action verbs?

Deb Haaland, the interior secretary whom the president has billed as the first cabinet-level Native American, has failed to meet a congressionally mandated program outlining proposed overseas lease sales over the past five next few years – the same program she promised the Senate on May 19. also missed the deadline to plan future oil and gas lease sales. The next day, the Home Office presented a plan to ban all drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The president “is he doing everything he can?

In Madrid, President Biden announced that “what started as the notion of Build Back Better (a ‘notion’ because Congress never approved it)” has morphed into the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and investment, to provide developing and middle-income countries with better options to meet their infrastructure needs. Clearing up any doubts about funding, he continued, “When the United States and G-7 countries put their skins in the game.”

My God, again, like with the Paris Climate Accord, the president is trying to get congressional approval or oversight to send money overseas for others to manage. Same theme when announcing a commitment of “2 billion dollars for a solar farm in Angola”, where he added “When I talk about ‘climate’, I think of ‘jobs'”. Does he know that solar panels are made in China?

President Biden has announced that several countries will meet their contractual obligation to fund NATO forces with at least 2% of their gross domestic product. Does he know that his party criticized President Trump when he lobbied for this?

President Biden pledged more military aid to Ukraine from a defense budget he had not increased and from which he had ‘offered’ $85 billion, or 12% of the budget defence, to terrorists in Afghanistan. President says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ‘commits’ to sending more military equipment to Ukraine in coming days and US ‘intends’ to announce commitment for more money for Ukraine. Is he aware that “promises” and “intentions” cannot stop bullets or rockets? Or that our purchase of Russian oil also means that we are financing both sides of the war?

The president used the NATO summit to criticize the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Healthcare Organization case that reduced federal control, a no-no for Democrats, on abortions by returning it to the states. While this may be an important issue for him, talking about it at the NATO summit is like the pastor I heard using the pulpit to tell his congregation all the faults of his wife that were important to him . It was not his first time because before, from Scotland, he interposed his complaints against the republicans.

What happened to his campaign theme “to be the great unifier?”

On June 30, it took sunshine to dissipate the gloom in Santa Barbara. Will it take an election to eliminate him in the United States?

Brent E. Zepke is an attorney, arbitrator, and author who lives in Santa Barbara. His website is Previously, he taught law and business at six universities and numerous professional conferences. He is the author of more than 100 articles and six books: “One Heart-Two Lives”, “Legal Guide to Human Resources”, “Business Statistics”, “Labour Law”, “Products and the Consumer” and “Law for Non – Lawyers.

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