Some problems and risks related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will become reality for Armenia

An inventory is being carried out all kinds of problems and risks related to our Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Armenian Economy Minister Vahan Kerobyan, stated during a press briefing Thursday.

According to him, some of these problems and risks become a reality for Armenia. He noted that there are different positions within the Armenian government regarding the amount of exports to Russia. Some expect a drop of 40%, while those who do not agree with that base their respective views on the freight transport problems to Russia.

“This means that the demand will increase significantly, especially in terms of essential goods, which will affect the Armenian processing industry. We mainly export food products to Russia,” Kerobyan said, recalling that in 2021, the Armenia’s exports to Russia amounted to about $800 million. .

The Minister of Economy assured that the Armenian authorities will do their best so that the country’s exports to Russia do not suffer and will try to diversify Armenia’s sales markets, for example, to Iran, China, Arab countries.

“In the closed-door part of the government session, the economic scenarios of the development of events and our probable measures to counter will be discussed. A platform is being created where we must operationally discuss the situation There are many uncertainties ahead,” Vahan Kerobyan concluded.

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