Stock market: Europe floats while waiting for Wall Street, Milan +0.7%

The war in Ukraine “This will have consequences for growth”. This was stated by the President of the European Central Bank, Christine Lagarde, at the Institut Montaigne conference in Paris.

market point European stocks are floating awaiting a launch on Wall Street as futures fall. On the Old Continent, Milan stands out (+0.7%) driven by the energy and utilities sector. Investors focus on negotiations between Russia and Ukraine to end the armed conflict. The spotlight also focused on the actions taken by central banks to counter rising inflation as commodities continued to rise. On the currency side, the euro remained stable against the dollar at 1.1050 in London. The ruble fell against the dollar after the Moscow Stock Exchange reopened for trading in government bonds. The spatial stoxx 600 index moved slightly (+0.03%). Slight decrease in Paris and Frankfurt (-0.1%), London (+0.6%), Madrid apartment (-0.02%). The energy sector is boosted (+2.3%), with the price of oil rising. West Texas Intermediate crude was at $109 a barrel (+4.4%) and Brent crude at $112 (+4.1%). Banks (+0.3%) and utilities (+0.2%) also performed well as the price of gasoline recently fell. In Amsterdam, prices stabilized at €100 per megawatt hour (-4.6%). In London, the price settled at 239p per million British thermal units (-2.4%). Among other commodities, gold barely moved at 1.925 (+0.01%). Copper (-1.5%) fell along with nickel and aluminum. At Piazza Avary on the Tenares armor (+4.7%). Eni is also doing well (+2.3%) while Saipem goes against the grain (-0.9%). Among establishments, A2a (+2.2%), Enel (+2%), Irene (+1.1%) and Hera (+0.8%) are in the lead. In the average negative sweat (-2.6%). Positive banks and insurance. Unicredit (+0.8%), Banco Bpm (+0.5%), Mps (+0.7%) and Bper (+0.4%). Tonica Unipol (+ 4.4%), good for Generali (+ 0.5%).

The decision to ban the supply of Russian oil will worsen the energy balance in Europe by affecting everyone“It is impossible” for Europe at the moment to do without Russian gas, while in the case of crude oil, Russian oil companies have started to redirect flows to the East, the Kremlin said, as the reports TASS. Russian Alexander Novak was transferred via TASS.

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